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Contractors and IR35 Rules

Companies in the UK who make use of contractor services have to be prepared for new income tax reforms. On April 2020 due to the changes in the budget, large and medium-sized businesses are now bound by the rules of IR35. This is an overhaul of the taxes that are implemented on the contract workers Read more »

Use a Tax Calculator for Your Business

One of the challenges that befall any business, most particularly someone who’s operating a business on a freelance capacity, is calculating the tax that they’d be paying at certain periods. Unlike individuals who are earning a fixed amount of salary every month, and whose taxes are calculated by human resource experts, freelancers don’t earn a Read more »

Keep Your Freelance IT Business on Track with a Tax Calculator

Working in the IT industry is a very lucrative means of earning a living. The projects in this particular industry alone can earn you a very comfortable sum of money every month. That’s why a lot of people are encouraging their friends and family members to learn how to code. There’s money in this industry. Read more »

Minimum Requirements to Work as A Self Contractor

Working as an independent contractor is monetary and time-wise advantageous. You aren’t working under the supervision of anyone and the earnings are incredibly high.  But joining this industry and becoming officially eligible for contracts takes time and money. A self contractor has certain requirements they should meet to stay free of legal problems and operate Read more »