Minimum Requirements to Work as A Self Contractor

Working as an independent contractor is monetary and time-wise advantageous. You aren’t working under the supervision of anyone and the earnings are incredibly high.  But joining this industry and becoming officially eligible for contracts takes time and money. A self contractor has certain requirements they should meet to stay free of legal problems and operate freely.

Getting Tax Registration Certificate

Regardless of where and how you operate, you should register with the local tax collector and get a valid tax registration certificate. It’s sometimes branded as a business license but in reality, it is just a receipt for the tax your business should pay to stay in business. Failing to get a tax registration certificate thinking you are to be sugarcoated by the government’s radar is the biggest mistake you can ever make. A tax registration certificate is naturally cheap but the penalties for operating without this certificate are extremely high.

Get A Vocational License

To successfully operate as a self contractor, you must as well get a vocational license. A professional or vocational license protects you against any legal problems. Remember you are going to be using transportation vehicles on a regular basis. This permit will protect you in case things turn against you.

Pay the Right amount of Self-employment and Income Tax

Independent contractors are supposed to pay all their Medicare and Social Security taxes on their own, unlike employees. Employees enjoy the benefits of their Medicare and social security taxes being withheld from their monthly payment. As for independent contractors, they must pay those taxes on their own. This may look a bit hard until the law catches up on you. If you don’t want to pay your consulting and freelancing contract taxes, it highly recommended you keep the contracts outside IR35.  When doing this, never forget that the interest and penalties on back taxes are a bit high and may leave your business financially unstable.

Register as an Independent Contract with IR35

Working as a self-employed taxpayer with IR35 is the safest and easiest way to stay clear of paying unnecessary taxes.  You have to agree with IR35 and fill up all the required documents and meet all the set requirements to continue operating this way. Doing so will make it possible for you to enjoy the numerous tax benefits which independent contractors don’t enjoy.


Once you have done all of the above outlined to set up your self contractor business, you are ready to start offering your services to the target services. All these are intended to prepare you for the legal battle ahead and ensure you will never have to worry about the legality of your operations.  It is crucial you learn the fundamentals of recordkeeping and bookkeeping as through it, you will keep an accurate record of all the contracts you receive and the money you invest and get from them. This will make it easier for you to save yourself from the legal trap of HMRC specialists.  If you have done all this, just relax and wait as your business grows to the next level.